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Our Solutions

For over 13 years, Acel's success has spanned the globe. In the Enterprise space, be it Oil & Gas, Banking, Mining, Government & Military Communications, Disaster Management, or Cellular Backhaul, we have cost-effective solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.
Goverment & Millitary

...our Government Solutions provide secure network services to any location on the globe.


... we combine extensive network expertise with in-country resources and a flexible range of managed satellite-based backhaul solutions. 


..our mining solutions powers next-generation technologies such as Voice over IP, remote infrastructure monitoring, logistics management and Industrual Internet of Things (IIoT), allowing you to improve mine safety and productivity and ensuring your employees’ job satisfaction.

Oil & Gas

... our managed services model that ensures you can cost-effectively scale as needed throughout the lifecycle of an oilfield, ensuring you will always receive the level of bandwidth you need to achieve your digitalisation goals.

NGO & Relief

Portable, quick-deploy connectivity allows faster intervention in emergency situations and accelerates response and recovery efforts...

Banking & Enterprise

... our solutions for banking and enterprise allows rmore efficiency and connectivity even in remote places. 

Cloud Solutions

..high-performance connectivity to critical cloud applications and services, no matter where they are. Partnered with SES to provide IBM Direct Link and Microsoft ExpressRoute

Rural Wifi
at cell.jpg

.... an affordable and sustainable way of connecting the unconnected and using a hybrid solar solution.

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