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Rural Wifi

Our rural Wi-Fi solutions are sustainable and provide access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet so people in remote areas can make connections that matter.  The ability to connect not only improves people’s everyday lives, but also transforms communities and brings the world closer together.  

For example, in most homes in rural Africa and elsewhere, they are not connected to the electricity grid; residents pay to charge their cellphones at a local shop. Both data and airtime for those phones also cost a lot: most data shows that people spend up to 22% of their income on telecommunications. This is money that could be spent on food, education, transport and other needs.  In addition, there's an estimated 38 million children in Africa currently not in school, with 80% of those in rural areas.  In total 25% of African children are illiterate, and even those children in school are on average two years behind their international counterparts.

We are committed to help address these challenges and when you do business with Acel, you're also helping to invest in these communities via our Community Investment Program.  

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