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Secure Warehousing


Warehouse Management

Our logistics management team assures clients of a smooth and safe services: Our warehouse management service includes; and each of the below processes influences the efficiency of the next, so we optimized every step: Receiving: We check in and log incoming items. Verify that we’re receiving the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right time. Put-away: We move items from the receiving dock to their correct storage locations / shelves. Storage: We safely store and logically arrange inventory to enable fast and accurate picking. Picking: Our warehouse team collect the items needed to fulfil site’s demand. Packing: We prepare the picked items for shipment. They are safely packed into the correct packaging with an accurate packing slip. Shipping: We send out the finalised processed quantities, ensuring that they are on the right vehicle, at the right time, with the correct documentation, destination receive the correct spares or equipment on time.

Inventory Management & Control 

Inventory control refers to a business’ ability to secure the required stock to fulfill anticipated needs or orders without delay, while keeping inventory carrying costs to a minimum. your business can easily track inventory across multiple locations by automating inventory management in one unified solution. Acel operates an automated inventory management system where everything is traceable and we can easily track across multiple locations. It enable us to see related records and every activity associated with a particular stocks. Our inventory control solution make it possible for us to plan using historical demand to forecasts and seasonality ensures we have the right amount of stock and boost profitability. We have more efficient and cost-effective inventory management with company-wide inventory visibility.

Custom Clearance Support 

Gathering of information for goods to ship into destination country. Certain specific products are restricted from entering some countries or may need additional documentation. Computation of taxes on behalf of the Tax authority & border Control Support importer (our customers) and custom authority & border Control on import clearance processes. Prepare documentation on behalf of the importer (our customers) and submit them to Customs & border Control Liaison between the importer (our customers) and other government agencies. Acel will assist you with the necessary customs transactions. We will arrange for your goods to be transported from one country to another while a we also make sure that your goods are cleared with customs.Collapsible text is great for longer section titles and descriptions. It gives people access to all the info they need, while keeping your layout clean. Link your text to anything, or set your text box to expand on click. Write your text here...

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